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Robin Speas has been making furniture for me since 1999. Her unwavering attention to detail, centuries-old trained craftsmanship, understanding of and attention to style and proportion, ability to build beautiful objects that fit awkward spaces, and ability to match or coordinate with furniture and settings from time gone by are all abilities she brings to each and every project. Whether building a nightstand, banquet table, bedroom suite, wooden framed car, straw bale home, renovation, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, her work is beautiful durable, affordable and classic. Robin makes the heirlooms and antiques of the future. And while you might think custom furniture and cabinetry are out of your price range, think again. Robin will work with you and your budget to give you the best product possible. Her billing is always fair –almost too fair—something you don’t see everyday.

I highly recommend Speas Studio for your next project, you’ll be hooked!
Michael Bartlett