outstanding creative person...

I have known Robin Speas for nearly 17 years first as a student at Rhode Island School of Design where she was a sculpture major. I have found her to be an outstandingly creative person who can conceptualize existing problems and situations and develop many practical as well as beautiful solutions.

In the last ten years she has worked for our firm and our clients, providing architectural woodworking design for at least twenty of our projects. Many of these required extremely complex design and comprehensive skills to complete. She is a highly-motivated person and works very well with other people., both clients and her own employees. She is communicative, helpful, and will “go the extra mile” to see that a project is completed properly and to the satisfaction of us and our clients.

As an architectural office, people rely on us to provide service in a timely, cost effective manner. We, in turn, need to be able to rely on our consultants and sub-contractors for the same response. We therefore, demand a level of professionalism which we ourselves deliver. Robin has consistently been responsive and professional in all dealings with clients and with us.

Not to think that Robin is all business! She has a playful side as well and, over the years, has contributed much that adds to the zest and vitality of the community. Designing and building parade floats (which always win prizes!) and sets for theme parties are only two examples of Robin’s sense of whimsy which she shares with us. She is always able, too, to generate enthusiasm and involve many willing hands in building such projects.

Robin has continued to study to expand her knowledge and her current courses in ceramics have been typical of Robin’s approach to any project: thorough, interesting and prolific.
You will find Robin to be a major asset to your department, who will bring much energy to the studio and her work. Her contributions will be stimulating and she will be fun to work with.

Ward D’Elia, AIA